The origins of galaxies
in the Universe

My research is concerned with the formation and evolution of galaxies in the first half of the Universe's history. I study galaxies from the earliest stages of formation in the first billion years after the Big Bang, up to when the Universe was half its current age. I am especially interested in using the effect of gravitational lensing - where distant galaxies appear magnified due to the distortion of space by massive foreground clusters - to study the smallest and faintest galaxies.

I also believe strongly that taxpayer-funded research should be communicated to the public in an understandable and engaging manner. I have therefore been heavily involved in both organising and participating in astronomy outreach events.

A magnified view of the
distant Universe

My research focuses on the formation and evolution of galaxies in the distant Universe. Here you'll also find downloads of data from commonly referenced figures in my publications.


I frequently give public talks about astronomy, my research, the science of science fiction, the perils of academia, and how to run a science fiction convention. You can find details of my outreach work here along with videos of some past talks. You can also find information on how to book a talk. If you're not making money from me, it's usually free.

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